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april showers
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I am am a contemporary painter/artist.  I want to share my love of art and show that contemporary abstract art can actually work transitionally in any style. I love color and texture, as well as beautiful calm neutrals.  I appreciate any looks at my pieces and I also love to do something unique for anyone through a commission process.  thank you for visiting my site.

The above slideshow is just a sampling of my work.  Visit the ART GALLERY Page for more informations and more examples of  art.

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Studio Site: The Woodlands, Texas.

 These pieces shown here are a sampling of works I have done, and may help you get an idea of the type of work you are may be interested in having customized for your space.

You can choose between canvas and wood panel for your base, and works are done in mediums of oil or acrylic or a combination of each. Finishes can be done matte, glossy, and resin coated.

Visit the Gallery page to see more work and more descriptions.

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