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"thunder showers"

36 x 48

textured acrylic on canvas




  "Tender Uprising"

30 long x 40 high  $525

24 x 36
Textured Acrylic
on Canvas
custom wood frame
Price $675
"Beach Blues" 36 x 36
"Chaotic Euphoria"
Available any size any colors

"Maybe Navy" 24 x 24 Resin on

 wood panel.  available

36 x 36  available in different sizes and colors

"In Transition"

heavy textured 24 x 48

hang vertically or horizontally  $525


"Recycled Beauty" 36 x 48 Professionally Framed
$950. SOLD!  can do in any size 
similar work available upon order

"Primary"  30 x 30 

 Resin on wood panel 


you can order a piece like this in any size with your original pops of color

"Modern Petals" 40 x 40 $625

"Floating Beauty" 
30 x 40 on Wood Panel
Heavy texture/Resin Finished
a truly unique piece
"Majestic Euphoria"
48 x 48
Select a size and color palette and i can make this piece your own.  Very dramatic!
"Among Friends"
 Size this piece to your space 
contact me for a price quote
"Tini Time"  
This can be done in any size!!
and of course, any colors
"Bathing Beauties"
24 x 36 great for a beach 
home.  $575
Gold Rush
"Gold Rush"
24 x24  textured acrylic on canvas  $475

"Maze"48 x 36 textured acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas $750 available currently

"Unlikely Palette"
Easily update your traditional look with this type of transitional piece of art

"My flute runneth over"

24 x 24 resin coated
acrylic on wood panel
Price $375
"angels wings"
an artist favorite
a diptych 
each piece 24 x 48
can be replicated any size
"angel's wings" on display
"Maura's View"
This piece was commissioned by Maura Pauro, a leader in the houston art business in Houston.  
"A Delicate Burn"
48 x 48 textured acrylic
on gallery wrapped canvas

I have done 3 works of similiar medium with acrylic pieces and have varied colors.  These are 3 dimentional and unique.  


Personalize a gentle expression painting in any size and color choices

Resin coated Triptych

each 24 x 24

"Gentle Differences"

Price $675

"Metallic Thunderstorm"

36 x 36 before frame  

currently available

Price $575


48 x 48 before custom frame

Price $1850.

"Faded Love"

48 x 60/ commissioned work

neutrals on gallery canvas


you can order something similar with artistic differences

on display below

"Beauty at the Core"

heavy textured acrylic on gallery canvas
rustically framed in 5 inch high finished old fence post
60 x 60  Price $2250.

 "brushing it off" 50 x 50

sold/ order a variation in any colors and size

This piece is many acrylic slashes of paint including metallics for that modern edge.  custom framed in metallic.  40 x 40

Priced $775

"fish out of water"

36 x 36 acrylic on canvas

Price  $575

SOLD/order size and custom colors

This piece was a custom piece for over a headboard.  this is a great idea in any colors for an art piece over the bed.

"dripping in beauty"

sold/ order in your size and color


"Robin's Nest"

This is a commissioned piece that was for a special person who built a new home.  I wanted it to be so great for them.  I loved putting so many colors with texture in this piece.  Thanks, Robin for trusting me with your piece.  

This piece below is for a home in Indianapolis.  Recreating your own piece like this could include your colors of choice, and we can make it any size.

Shown work is 40 x 40 before framing

This Artwork is gallery wood panel and is resin coated for a modern clean look.

30 x 30 with a 2 1/4 inch side.

Currently available

Price $525.

the work below is also a resin coated piece on wood panel.

30 x 30 and is currently available

Price $575


 "Spring Fling"

acrylic on canvas

this one is sold but if I have done variations on this style interested.  they can be light and airy, or more bold.  


"Gentle Refresh"

36 x 36/ sold  can recreate with artistic differences

"Kindness"/ sold but something similar under commission is available


This piece is ready for sale.  it is 50 x 50 with custom metal frame. it has textured paint both flat and metallic to add character.  Price with frame $1350

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